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Work Desk


by Matthew Kimm, Co-Founder

I CREATED MY FIRST TIKTOK on March 21st, 2018. At the time, I was just making a dumb meme--I didn't know it would change the trajectory of my career.

Fast forward a few months, and I've been posting regularly, realizing the massive potential of the growing app. I started leveraging TikTok to promote my music, gaining a 180K followers along the way (no big deal or anything). As I sought the next step in my career, I received an exciting opportunity from TikTok's LA headquarters.

During one of my first onboarding calls at TikTok, I met Ted, the co-founder of Nvertical. Together, we closely collaborated and played integral roles in building the Account Planning division within TikTok's GBS department. Despite facing a temporary hiring freeze, we embraced multiple responsibilities, including creative strategy, campaign optimization, music licensing, and influencer strategy.


We had the privilege of launching epic campaigns with some awesome partners: Apple, Nike, Dell, Red Bull, Pizza Hut, Amazon Prime Video, and e.l.f. to name a few. After working around two years at TikTok, Ted and I made a decision to leave TikTok and establish our own TikTok-specific agency, one of the first of its kind.


Our secret sauce lies in our ability to reverse-engineer creative content from specific advertising goals. While some self-proclaimed "TikTok gurus" may be skilled at creating organic videos, they can often lack the ability to connect that skillset with marketing KPIs. We specialize in developing bespoke videos that align with precise marketing objectives, whether that's an app-install campaigns, a lead generation campaign, or an awareness blast.


We quickly found that our campaigns performed excellently on platforms outside of TikTok, and with the addition of Andrew Smith, our Director of Advertising and resident ad tech genius, we expanded our services to include Meta, Google, and Hulu.

Today, Nvertical is a full-service agency capable of leading full-funnel activations on any platform. As an official TikTok Creative Partner and TikTok Shop Agency Partner, we offer a comprehensive range of services. Whether you are looking to start from scratch, revitalize your creative approach, or require expert ad optimization, Nvertical can help.


If you'd like to see if we're a fit, schedule a time to chat with us at the link below.

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